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Spotlight on Conigent’s Jon Walka

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A man of many trades, Jon Walka comes to Conigent with a background in fitness, education, and technology. He is a firm believer in making a profession out of a passion, and working for Conigent allowed him to do just that. Combining his competencies in fitness, education, and technology, Jon will be joining the Conigent team as a Product Specialist for Conigent’s newest product, Wodify, an Athlete Relationship Management (ARM) application designed for the CrossFit industry. Jon will be selling, educating, and training our customers on Wodify’s features, pricing, setup and configuration.

Jon started his professional career as the Lead Desktop and WAN Technician for a popular retail chain, training and troubleshooting network and computer issues for over three-hundred (300) users and over twelve-hundred (1200) network locations. It was there he found his passion for educating others which later transitioned into a teaching position at a local charter school. With a deep-rooted passion in fitness, Jon was able to start a fitness program for his students at the school. A skill that helped him transform to where he is today.

Jon is now a Level 1 certified CrossFit Trainer and coach at CrossFit Aspire with a K-5 certification from the NJ Department of Education. His enduring love for health and fitness translated into his classroom as an elementary-education teacher and his classes at CrossFit Aspire for both children and adults. Leading by example, Jon teaches everyone how to make health a way of life in a fun, motivational way. At Conigent, Jon shares his enthusiasm in many ways, making sure everyone is getting the most out of their WODs to following a healthy diet. Jon has competed in numerous fitness events with the goals of triumphing over previous accomplishments. Currently he is working on his Masters Degree and researching and compiling data on the effects of physical education and its direct correlation to children’s ability to retain knowledge.

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