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Spotlight on Conigent’s Justin James

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Conigent was lucky enough to have South Carolina resident, Justin James come onboard as our Lead Architect. Having grown up with a Software Developer as a father, Justin has been writing software and managing networks since high school. A certified OutSystems Agile Platform Associate Developer, Justin’s specialties include C#/.NET and OutSystems Agile Platform. James has played an integral role is shaping Conigent’s most recent product development, Wodify, an athletes relationship management tool for the CrossFit industry. He also serves on several of our client projects identifying user requirements, leading the integration of disparate systems, and designing custom solutions that meet client needs while staying within budget and reducing their costs. Justin is extremely skilled, intelligent, and excels in training and teaching others.

One of Justin’s proudest moments in his career was being asked to write for TechRepublic. Justin is the primary writer in TechRepublic's Programming and Development section, and finds it especially rewarding because he is able to reach out to less experienced developers and provide them guidance on career matters. He also writes at from time-to-time, typically about system administration and general industry trends. Justin participated in the HTML 5 Working Group for a number of years and is a proud member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Lexington Chamber of Commerce.

Do not be surprised if you run into Justin at the gym. In addition to being a technical person, Justin has a strong interest in powerlifting, and currently competes at the amateur level. Justin is also an avid reader, enjoys going to the pistol, rifle or skeet range, and dabbling with woodworking in his spare time. You can also find Justin spending time with his wife Chelsea and two children Jarrett and Marlowe in their South Carolina home.  

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